per il Pubblico

Access to the auditorium is strictly permitted up to 10 minutes before the start of the screening for all theatres.
Access to the auditorium will not be permitted once the screening has started.
For security reasons, access to the Auditorium Parco della Musica will be subject to controls, and it will not be possible to bring suitcases or bulky bags into the auditorium; it is therefore advisable to arrive at the access points well in advance in order to avoid any inconvenience.
According to current government measures, wearing a mask is not compulsory, but recommended.
Failure to show your ticket does not give you access to the screenings or events of the Festival, and does not entitle you to a refund.
At all Festival venues, seats are allocated in accordance with current regulations. In this regard, when purchasing tickets it is recommended to check the accuracy of the number of seats selected, and the recommended age, if any; any error will be the responsibility of the purchaser and may result in the inability to attend the event;
Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to the festival screenings. The programme indicates any screenings that are forbidden to minors under the age of 14 and 18, (respectively 12 and 16 years of age if accompanied by a parent or parental guardian, both providing proof of identity).
Mobile phones must be kept strictly switched off in the auditorium. An anti-piracy control is in operation in the halls. It is strictly forbidden to make audio-video recordings with any kind of equipment. Violators will be removed and reported for violation of anti-piracy regulations. 
In the event of loss, tickets are neither duplicable nor refundable. Tickets cannot be exchanged unless the event to which they refer has been cancelled by the Foundation. 
Any infringement of safety regulations and public order shall result in exclusion from the event at the sole discretion of the Festa. The Festa organisation also reserves the right to take legal action against the participant in the event of damage caused by the participant.

Use of the event is only permitted in numbered seats; everyone is requested to occupy the seats purchased and not different seats even if free. The seats have been positioned in accordance with the regulations in force so as to respect safety distances, as well as access routes, internal routes and exit routes.

When purchasing tickets, it is recommended to check the accuracy of the number of seats selected, and any recommended age, any error will be the responsibility of the purchaser and may result in the inability to attend the event

Ticket purchasers will be required to register by indicating their personal details at the time of purchase and are liable for all tickets purchased.

Purchasers accept liability in the event of any misrepresentation.

Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to the screenings of the Fest. The programme will specify which films are prohibited for minors under the age of 14 or under the age of 18 (respectively ages 12 and 16 if accompanied by a parent or by a legal guardian, and both must provide proof of identity).

Tickets for the Rome Film Festival can be purchased from 10 to 23 October 2022, online through the complete programme on the Festa della Cinema di Roma website , or directly through the Boxol website (exclusively in "Digital Ticket" mode, the ticket can be printed or made available on your mobile device in a clearly legible form).

The pre-sale of individual tickets will begin on 10 October 2022 at 9 a.m. exclusively via the website , or directly on the website . 
During the pre-sale and sale period, each purchaser will be able to purchase a maximum of 6 tickets for each film. 
During the period of the Festa del Cinema it will still be possible to purchase tickets at the central ticket office of the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Viale Pietro de Coubertin n°30), with the following hours: 
12 October from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
From 13 to 23 October from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Access to the ticket office will be restricted in order to avoid crowds, so it is advisable to purchase online.
Please note that tickets for the pay-per-view screenings scheduled at the Maxxi Museum, the Cinema Giulio Cesare, the Auditorium Conciliazione, and Spazio Scena may be purchased through the websites , and , or at the Auditorium Parco della Musica box office; it will not be possible to purchase tickets directly from the ticket offices of the above-mentioned venues. 
Ticket prices
Sinopoli Hall from € 12 to € 25
Petrassi Hall € 12 to € 15
Gianni Borgna Studio Theatre € 10
MAXXI Museum from € 10 to € 12
Cinema Giulio Cesare from € 8 to € 10
Reruns € 10
Absolute Beginners - Paso Doble from € 10 to € 20
Alice in the City from € 7 to € 12
Ticketing - DIGITAL RFF 
For the 17th edition of the Rome Film Festival, it will also be possible to watch a selection of events through the dedicated on-demand platform. 
From 12 October, the purchase of tickets for the viewing of the available events will be active, by directly accessing Registration will be compulsory. 

Reductions and conventions
Those wishing to take advantage of the promotional rates granted to affiliated organisations must use the online purchasing channels, entering the discount code received from the relevant organisation or association.
The list of conventions is available at
Free activities Casa del Cinema
Access to screenings and free activities at the Casa del Cinema, open to the public and accredited persons, is free of charge while places are available. Priority access will be given to accredited persons. The list, dates, and times can be consulted on the Audience Programme on the Festa website . 
Red Carpet
It is possible to attend the Red Carpet of the Festa, from the Lower and Upper Cavea of the Auditorium Parco della Musica while places are still available. For security reasons, the access gates may be subject to controls and/or quotas. 
Tickets for the following theatres, which will be showing some of the Festival's films, may be purchased exclusively from the box offices of the theatres themselves. 
Palladium Theatre 
Tickets for the screenings scheduled at the Palladium Theatre (17-22 October 2022) can be purchased at the theatre's box office (Piazzale Bartolomeo Romano, 8) on the evening of the event, or in advance through the website . Tickets cost €10. 
New Sacher Cinema
It is possible to buy tickets for a selection of films from the official programme of the Festival, made by Nanni Moretti, at the Cinema Nuovo Sacher, through the website . 
Tickets cost €8.50.
Venues in the city
In collaboration with AGIS - ANEC, for this edition, the Festa involves a series of cinemas throughout the city, the public can therefore purchase tickets for the screenings scheduled in the cinemas listed below, directly from the relevant cinemas. Tickets cost €10.
Cinema Adriano Piazza Cavour, 22,
Cinema Andromeda Via Mattia Battistini 195      
Multisala Lux Via Massacciuoli, 23                                 
Cinema Mignon Via Viterbo,11                                 
Multisala Cineland Viale dei Romagnoli, 515                                         
Multiscreen The Space Parco dei Medici Via Salvatore Rebecchini,3                                           
Nuovo Cinema Aquila Via L'Aquila 66/74
Cinema Odeon Piazza Stefano Jacini, 22      
Cinema Tibur Via degli Etruschi, 36                                     
Sturdast Via di Decima, 72      
Uci Porte di Roma Shopping Mall Porta di Roma, Via Alberto Lionello, 201
 Alice in the City
Independent and parallel section 
The Alice nella città programme is on sale with tickets ranging from € 7 to € 12. Tickets for screenings open to the public will be available according to the Festa's terms and conditions and box office. Any co-productions produced in collaboration with the Rome Film Festival may be subject to price variations. Schools and large groups can book and contact directly: 
Casa Alice Village
Viale P. de Coubertin
In the area in front of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the Alice nella città space for meetings, information and press activities. Open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Alice's programming will also take place at the Auditorium Conciliazione and other venues in the cities affiliated with the Festival.
Alice in the City promotions and discounts
Alice Family Package: 10% discount for the purchase of more than 3 tickets per family group of the Official Selection of Alice in the City. The discount can only be applied to screenings over €7, exclusively at the Auditorium Parco della Musica box office.
10% discount for MpR. 20% discount for IED, Lazio Youth Card, CpR, 100 Autori, Unita.
The purchase of tickets for disabled persons can be made exclusively at the Auditorium Parco della Musica ticket office, upon presentation of the appropriate certifications required by law (Law 104). There is one free ticket for the accompanying person of the non-ambulatory disabled person and a 20% reduction for the disabled person, while for severe disabilities exceeding 70%, there is a 20% reduction for the purchase of two tickets. 
All the theatres of the Cinema Festival are accessible to the disabled.
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30
_Sala Sinopoli
_Sala Petrassi
_Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna
Other venues
_Cinema Giulio Cesare – Viale Giulio Cesare 229
_MAXXI – Via Guidi Reni 4/a
_Casa del Cinema – Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1
_Spazio Scena – Via degli Orti d’Alibert 1
_Auditorium Conciliazione - Via della Conciliazione 4