Tickets for Passholders

This service offers tickets booking for the screenings scheduled in Venice Virtual Reality and Sala Grande at 5pm and 10 pm.

The service for Sala Grande is available from noon on the day before the screening day for a fixed amount of tickets. The remainings tickets will be available at the dedicated boxoffices (Piazzale del Cinema, PalaBiennale, Ca' Giustinian) on the same day of the screening from 8.00 am.

Please note that in this case a printer, not necessarily a colour one, is needed to print the ticket in PDF format or to have it displayed correctly on your own smartphone.

Please insert in the form below your Pass number (13 numbers) places under the barcode, name , surname and a valid email address where you will receive the tickets.
For the accreditations that have not been picked up yet, please insert the payment code that you received via email from the Foundation La Biennale di Venezia.

For information about this service, please contact:

To attend Venice Virtual Reality be sure to reach the dock for the Lazzaretto Vecchio Island 20 minutes before the screening start time.

Pass information